How to: The beginners guide to free stock images for commercial use

//How to: The beginners guide to free stock images for commercial use

When used appropriately, stock images for commercial use can lift your content to the next level and here is why:

  • They are very cost effective since they are generally free
  • It takes only a little patience to find high-resolution and high-quality free stock images for commercial use
  • Stock images for commercial use usually do better than custom images when it comes to reach and audience engagement

This article talks about the power of free stock images for commercial use and how they can do wonders for you as well as some of the key guidelines to follow when selecting the free stock images for commercial use that best suit your needs:

1.       Look for character

Don’t cheapen the look and feel of your article or blog post with a stock image that looks too perfect to be true. When choosing a free stock image, look for authentic, genuine setups and people that have some character instead of cookie-cutter perfection that may give off weird vibes.

2.       Use images that follow your content

Even when they are entirely free, stock photos for commercial use don’t need to look like they have been forcefully pushed on your content in lack of better suiting images. Try to look for images that complement what you write about and ones that will say more about the subject than the article itself. In a world where people spend less and less time reading, a good, relatable and grabbing free image for commercial use can offer a glimpse into the article without taking too much precious time from the reader.

3.       Don’t forget the audience

When it comes to the selection of free stock images for commercial use, you should always have your audience in mind. What do they like seeing? How do they perceive your brand? What will reinforce the customer loyalty or simply make them want to come again. Your images should always be carefully selected to convey meaning and bring your message to the one who is looking at your website.

4.        “Un-stock” your image

We have seen all of the generic stock images out there and sometimes, finding unique ones can be tricky (especially when all the good ones are already very popular). When you are running low on dollars, instead of just using whatever you find, invest some time to “un-stock” a generic image. Remixing an image for commercial use can be done easily (and free!) – add text, use filters or colour overlays, crop them, blur them, resize them… An authentic stock photo is just a few editing steps away!

Free images for commercial use are one of the best tools to boost your design and using them wisely will get you far. Use our tips and tricks to design a beautiful website even if you are just beginning to delve into the world of free imagery.

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