How to Create Images For Commercial Use on a Shoestring Budget (We Did it With Less Than $100)

//How to Create Images For Commercial Use on a Shoestring Budget (We Did it With Less Than $100)

Photography has become the it thing in the past few years thanks to the huge development of social media platforms and the appearance of many photography websites. There are millions of free stock images being shared every day which causes the number of photographers to increase by the day.

But, as any other job, is not as simple as it sounds. Many factors need to be considered and implemented to get the perfect photo that will dominate the photography websites.

Get the right photography equipment

The first and basic thing you will need is a camera. Because of the development of mobile phones’ technology, cameras are getting cheaper and more affordable every year.

If you plan on going professional and taking a lot of images for commercial use, you could invest in a good DSLR camera. There are a few things to keep in mind when using a digital camera

–    Don’t use wide angle lenses, because they can distort your product

–    Use the right aperture. An aperture which is too wide can leave your product out of focus, so it’s better to use a smaller aperture to get the right focus and vision of the product.

–    Set the white balance to the same Kelvin temperature as your lights so you can point out the product colors and make them impactful

But if getting a digital camera is out of your budget, a good phone with a high-resolution camera could do the trick for starters. There are many apps like VSCOCam that have features which allow you to take some pretty cool photos worthy for photography websites. Instagram and other social media platforms are a proof that you can shoot some amazing photos and free stock photos with only a cell phone.

Another thing is lenses and lighting. When you’re taking professional photos, you need to master the lighting and angle, for which these two play a big role. A good lighting requires having the right equipment that will bring out the best features of the subject you’re shooting.

And last (but not least), you need a tripod. If you look up a few photography websites templates, they all underline the value of tripods. Tripods are used to stabilize your camera and take multiple shots which are useful when taking images for commercial use of specific products.

Getting the right equipment that will enable you to take some amazing photos can be a bit expensive and unaffordable. So, until you get the right amount of funds for these pieces of equipment, you can take photos with your cell phone and practice. Because practice makes perfect.

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